Carbon dioxide – also known as CO2 – is a simple and very common gas that’s expelled every time you breathe out. But CO2 is more than just a waste gas – it’s an extremely valuable and versatile material that’s used in every form it can take, from solid to gas. This gas has helped transform our world and continues to grow in popularity as CO2 gas cylinders become more readily available.

CO2 gas cylinders have many uses

Pressurising CO2 in its liquid form and placing it into specially constructed gas cylinders unlocks a huge range of innovative uses for this versatile product. CO2 gas cylinders are used to produce carbonated beverages like sodas and mineral waters. It’s also vital to the freezing and chilling process, and every time you order a beer at the pub, CO2 gas cylinders are used to pump out that perfect pint. In fact, the level of CO2/nitrogen in the cylinder can help determine the temperature the beer is served at!

As well as its wide range of uses in hospitality, CO2 is widely used as an industrial gas, creating an inerting atmosphere perfect for welding or for handling flammable materials. If you’ve ever been paintballing, CO2 gas cylinders propel the projectiles – just one of many more uses.

A wide range of CO2 gas cylinders

Because of this wide range of uses, Rent Free Gas stocks a large selection of CO2 gas cylinders from small D sized models right through to the large G size. These calibre of cylinders are perfect for all CO2 gas needs. To give you an idea of their effectiveness, in terms of beverages, a 6 kg D Size cylinder will generally dispense about three 50 litre kegs while F size cylinders can handle 17!

Whatever use you have in mind for CO2 gas cylinders, we can formulate the right gas mixture to suit your needs, including CO2 and nitrogen mixes for beverage dispensing.

CO2 gas cylinders from Rent Free Gas

With Rent Free Gas, you can purchase your very own CO2 gas cylinders for competitive prices and never have to pay rent to use gas again.

Whether you’re welding, pulling pints or charging up paintball guns, CO2 gas cylinders from Rent Free Gas offer great value for money and bring freedom to do things your way. Just pick your CO2 gas cylinder size, use it and get it refilled. It couldn’t be simpler.

Small Cylinder

  • D size Cylinder
  • Volume 6kg
  • Height Approx 75cm
  • Diameter 17cm
  • Weight 25kg

Large Cylinder

  • G size Cylinder
  • Volume 31kg
  • Height Approx 163cm
  • Diameter 25cm
  • Weight 95kg

DIY First Cylinder

$18000inc GST & delivery
  • Available in all gases

DIY Refill Cylinder

$70INC GSTinc GST & delivery
  • Available in all gases