CO2, Pub Gas Bottles – SYDNEY

You can now have all food grade gases, whether it is CO2, Beer gas, Pub gas or a mixture of these gases delivered to you. We offer 5 sizes of cylinders from the small refillable lightweight C size up to the D, E, F and G size. For an example of the contents of the cylinders,  the C size holds 1.8kg and the heavy 80kg G size bottle holds 30kg of CO2. The contents of the other sizes are D size (6kg), E size (14kg) and F (22kg).

How does it Work?

Firstly you need to own a Speedgas, Rentfreegas, Keg King, or an independent gas companies bottle (not one of the big boys). You can purchase one online here, and after you do it is delivered to you full of gas. When that cylinder is empty we come out to collect it, and exchange or swap it over, for a full bottle. This swap system works well for cafes and smaller pubs in the inner city of Sydney they may have limited access, less room for storage, or need specific delivery times.


CO2 Sydney Delivered Prices
New Full BottleRefill Bottle
C, 1.8kg$200+GST$64+GST
D, 6kg$290+GST$78+GST
F, 22kg$325+GST$87+GST
G, 30kg$400+GST$110+GST

Some other uses of Carbon Dioxide:

  • For carbonation of soft drinks, post mix and ciders
  • CO2 enrichment for greenhouses
  • To organically treat grain and eradicate pests.
  • To increase the pressure of liquids to move them around a system.
  • Food preservation in meats and other processed foods.
  • Extending shelf-life of perishable items.